Hi friends!

I was just thinking about how I have not updated the blog once since being here… Oops… I will have a lot of catching up to do 🙂


Brief update!

  • I have 19 days left. What?!?! How is this possible? It definitely is a bummer to have to leave right when I feel adjusted! But I am looking forward to seeing my people.
  • I am learning so much. I have four classes, two in English and two in Spanish. I figured since it’s my last semester of school I might as well take classes that super interested me! I have had a lot of work… I feel like the last week or two haven’t been too bad but overall I’ve had a lot of studying and reading and writing…
    • Conversación y Composición – every day I’m like, why has no one taught me this before?!
    • Español y Los Medios de Comunicación de Masas – right now we are working on a report – we interviewed people and are compiling our summary! My final for this class is due Thursday and I’m talking about how WhatsApp has influenced communication in Spain!
    • Modern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities – our professor works at the Reina Sofia contemporary art museum and knows SO much about art! We are daily amazed. I have learned a lot about urban art (never really noticed graffiti before this class tbh), we’ve been on tours to the Reina Sofia and to see architecture on Gran Via, and I even made a miniature replication of a work for a project. pics to come.
    • International Management – learning so much about different cultural customs and how they affect business! I’ve loved seeing content from several of my classes from Belmont in this class (Management, HRM, Teamwork in Organizations). It’s made me wonder if this is a path I’d like to continue…
  • I am getting to do some awesome traveling! My program has taken us on some lovely trips too.
    • Valencia (CEA)
    • Segovia (CEA)
    • Sevilla (CEA)
    • Switzerland (with my FAVORITE PARENTS WHO CAME TO SEE ME!!! 10/10 they are the best!! :’)
      • Grindelwald
      • Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe!
    • Italy (with my dear Mele girl!!)
      • Pisa
      • Cinque Terre
      • Florence
    • Didn’t get to go to Toledo or London because I got super sick 😥
      • Fun fact: that was the FOURTH time I’ve tried to go to Toledo. Maybe 5th time is a charm?
      • Was so sad I didn’t get to go see Mele and Chance the Rapper 😦 #boosickness
    • Going this week and next to Scotland, Germany, and Austria
      • Edinburgh
      • Munich
      • Cologne
      • Düsseldorf
      • Salzburg
  • I’ve just been really bad sick twice (compared to Santiago’s whole five months haha)
    • This included a trip to the ER because that was my only option…
  • God has been teaching me so many things this semester. (more on this)
    • He is faithful.
    • He is good.
    • He PROVIDES.
    • He upholds us.
    • He is with us.
  • God has given me some really wonderful friends here… (more on these rockstars coming soon) I am part of a women’s bible study!! What!! Joanne is our wonderful leader. (major shout out to Joanne and Robert because they are amazing) Very thankful for these ladies and our fellowship together!
  • One dear friend and our fantastic church: my first Sunday I was jet lagged and weary and sad. I spent a couple hours of researching churches in Madrid, and chose one called Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC). I trekked on over (using the bus system for the first time: scary). IBC is the oldest English-speaking church in Madrid. I decided that since my time here would be short, I didn’t want to church hop all semester and needed to have consistent spiritual food and community! Anyway the service concluded and as I was leaving I was feeling discouraged that I hadn’t really met anyone. At this moment I accidentally kicked the foot of this gal in front of me. “I am so sorry!” then “Hi I’m Lily what’s your name?” Well the Lord had also been working in the heart of Emma from Austin and after our brief introductions she said “wanna have lunch with me?” and I said yes. The beginning of lots of adventures in Madrid together! Amazing. I love this girl so much. The Lord has used her to speak so much truth and hope and life to me. 120% going to be making trips between Nash and ATX. Thanks for loving me so well and faithfully pointing me to Jesus. Thanks for asking good questions and being understanding (and of my verbal processing haha). I love you a lot EMB.
  • We have a fave coffee shop: Toma Café!
  • I have been going to swim a couple times a week! The front desk guy knows my name :’) not sure if that’s good or bad since maybeeeee one time I was tryna ask questions and everyone at desk + me was laughing? hopefully with me? not at me?
    • Goal: wanted to get down the backstroke to breaststroke flip turn!! Maybe hit my head on the bottom of the pool and looked like a crazy person but I FINALLY GOT IT!! (yes I cheered for myself ha)
  • Pumpkins I have bought: 3
  • Succulents: 1
  • Cactus: 1
  • V thankful for FaceTime.

There is so much more to share wow. This barely scratches the surface. But for now… Back to homework and listening to Christmas music 🙂 More coming soon!!

Thanks for loving me well fam and friends!

“wherever you are, be all there.”

Look to Jesus. Rest in Him! He came and he is coming again. #advent

xxoo your fave madrileña



Tomorrow is the big day!! I cannot believe it. It is unreal that tomorrow I get on a plane, fly to Miami, then fly to Madrid…?!


  • Leave Monday afternoon, September 12th (arrive in Madrid on Tuesday September 13th)
  • Come home to Nash December 17th
  • Take 12 hours of classes (only need 5 to graduate though 🙂 )
  • Going with Belmont / through a program provider CEA
  • Studying at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
  • Live with a host family!! (my host mama is Laura too!!)
  • Travel (for SURE go back to Santiago de Compostela! Meet up with sweet sisters also in Europe!)
  • Fellowship with other believers and sweet MTW friends (an answer to prayer already… <3)
  • Work on my Spanish! (and wow I know a lot more than last time)
  • Meet new friends!
  • Eat Smooy froyo! (v important to our work there!)
  • PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH!! iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, letters, pigeons… I will soon be getting a +34 number so let me know if you would like it ❤

Thank you.

Thank you for your texts, prayers, hugs, notes, more hugs, coffee dates, meal dates, hang outs, coming to sit with me on my couch, encouraging me, being really compassionate when I cried, showing up to last minute events… I feel so.loved. I am so thankful I will have such a wonderful community to come back to!

Love shows up.

There are a lot of hard things happening. Lots of tears. Lots of grieving. Lots of sorrow and brokenness. In the midst… I am SO THANKFUL that the gospel is TRUE and God is so good and faithful.

He goes before us, with us, and behind us.

Because of Jesus, we are not without hope.

He is making all things new.

Today I went to Midtown with some of my “extended” family members. What a treat to be together. The sermon was AWESOME and just what I needed to hear. 10/10 would recommend. Very thankful for the truth that Elliott brought us today. Exodus 15 – the Song of Moses. The Israelites are singing a song about how God just miraculously rescued them from slavery in Egypt then parted the Red Sea and destroyed the biggest army at that time. They all sing together in unison (first musical?). What is special about this song? They sing about their future in the past tense. God has already defeated their enemies. We need to not project our take of the past onto the future. We need to bank on God’s goodness and faithfulness to us. Instead of being gripped by fear in the present… When we grace cast God’s mercy, rescue, and grace onto the future, we are filled with peace in the present. Instead of “here we go again” we need to say “HERE WE GO.” So much hurting, pain, and brokenness. It’s not ok. But we are going to be ok. God is for us. He is with us. He is good to us. How do we speak about future foes in the past tense? Revelation 15. This isn’t just about Moses and Pharaoh; this is about JESUS. OUR rescue story. Sin and death being defeated. God purchasing us at a great cost and rescuing us. Recount your rescue story! Change the Song of Moses in Exodus 15 to apply to you and what good deeds God has done for you. Because of Jesus… We can be confident and sure that God is going to continue being faithful and good to us. (let me know if you want me to send you my full notes bc wow) LOOK AT JESUS!!!!

Tim McGraw posted this video of Ben Ellis. Ben is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most genuine people I know. What a dear man. Over 16 million people have viewed this video… Over 16 million have seen Jesus and the gospel and love displayed. Jesus is continuing to be glorified through Ben Ellis. I love that fam so so so much. My heart is with these people. Please join me in praying that God continues to meet and uphold them and the precious people surrounding them. Please have mercy, Lord.

God shows up.

Thank you for loving well.

He is with us…



P.S. #lilygoestospain ❤

One week out. 

Hi friends!

So crazy… I am one week away from heading to Madrid!

This morning I got my housing info and have already gotten to text my madrileña mamá! So excited to live with them. Excited to be with my MTW friends as well! I’m planning on getting involved with some bible studies they are doing in addition being part of their church.

I’ve started the packing process. It’s weird planning for three months instead of five!

Another gal from Belmont is going to be in my program! My friend AnnaRose is in Sevilla! Mele and Charlotte are in London. I am so thankful I will have dear sisters near by!

Also… My dear friends Christian and Anna will be in Spain too! How amazing is it that we will be in Spain together again?!

It is so hard to say goodbye but it is only see you in three months. My heart is so full getting to spend my pre Spain days with people I love!!

God is so good. He is faithful. He shows up. He is going with me and He will be with my people here in the States. I’m excited for this fun new adventure and my TN people will be in my heart ❤️

Here’s to one more great week in Nash!



Last time together till December 17th❤️

Spent the weekend on the lake with dear friends!

With our favorite Nana!

Lifelong friends!!

We love Papa!

21 people didn’t sink the boat 🙂

First and last RUF.

So thankful for my RUF community.

Sweet angel made me dinner! So excited for our European adventures!

Got to spend a day with my lifelong bestie!!

RUF pancake bfast!

Dear friend – catching up and talking about Madrid (she went in the spring)!

Loving the Carter wedding pictures! love these gals!

Sweet Fam before school!

Cheering on our favorite Annie girl!

RUF leadership houseboat retreat! so thankful for these people.

Dear ones at UTK RUF!

AK is fully funded and already blessing Belmont RUF! So proud of my girl.

Fam at Pi Phi house!


My precious friend Claire. Thank you Jesus for this sweet friend!

It’s getting real.

I just bought my roundtrip ticket to and from Madrid – crazy town! I’ll head to Houston next month to apply for my student visa.

A lot of people ask me how I feel about Spain / when I’m leaving. It means so much to me that people care! But honestly, I try to not think a whole lot about it as of now! There is a lot happening with my job, friends, and family. I am working on living out one of my favorite quotes by Jim Elliot (and this is also my phone background), “Wherever you are, be all there.” So I am trying to live in the present! So if you ask, I’ll probably just say I’m not thinking about it just yet. (and in case you wondered I arrive September 13th :))

For now, I’m teaching cute little kids how to float (and swim too don’t worry), dancing and cheering with our Gators in between swim practices, going on walks, writing letters to my people at camp, trying to process everything, eating Chickfila, living life and hanging out with dear ones, traveling, reading, and working on resting in Jesus and his goodness!

In light of hard things happening… because of Jesus we are NOT without hope. And this has been such a comfort and an encouragement.

Ciaooooo ❤



let’s go back.

well friends. I have some exciting news!

this blog is gettin revived.


this fall semester I will be studying in Madrid from September to December with CEA and Nebrija University! I am so excited.

got accepted to the program and just submitted my housing request.

vámonos, chicos.


With this plan, I feel like I have become obsessed with food. It is constantly on my mind as I am always hungry and always wondering what I can eat. Here are some pictures.